Creative Speech Workshops

The Whole Person in Acting

The Whole Person in Acting works improvisationally with the dramatic insights of Michael Chekhov, Rudolf Steiner, Viola Spolin and other leading theatrical innovators we will explore the integration of the Creative Imagination with the power of Gesture both within the body and in vocal expression. We will awaken and enliven the body's power of subtle, qualitative, expressive differentiation and the effects of psycho-physical movement on the actor's character creating abilities. We will integrate and strengthen singing spatial awareness, most particularly in relation to the other, leading to a musical sense of Form, Beauty, Ease and Presence.

This workshop is open to all involved in the performing arts, actors, directors, dancers, singers etc. both within the profession and as students. Please come prepared with a text in your mother tongue of at least 5 minutes duration, and be prepared to provide me with an English translation of the same. Shakespeare comes highly recommended.

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