Creative Speech Workshops

Finding your Voice

Finding Your Voice workshop will explore the mechanics and dynamics of the voice leading to a more integrated and grounded use of the creative power of speech. Starting from movement and gesture we will explore the whole sphere of presence and delivery, looking at the qualities of breath, musicality, rhythm, tone, voice production, intonation, phrasing, pace, emphasis, leading to a relaxed, ease-imbued, imagination-filled power of expression, and to the rediscovery and deepening of the living charge of the spoken word.

The workshop is open to all who have an interest in strengthening their powers of communication, but is of especial importance to those who are involved in the performing arts, as well as to poets, teachers and lecturers. All participants need learn a short text in their mother tongue (monologue, poem or descriptive passage/story of 2-5 min in duration), be prepared to dive playfully into the creative dance of language and be open to experiencing the grandeur and power of inspiration, the wind that blows through thee.

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